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Major Update @ marrymejane.com

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.06.11 at 00:15
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: "Twentyone" by Marry Me Jane (demo)
Marry Me Jane Online is back online!!! It relaunched June 5th to coincide with Amanda's birthday and Wrong All Day's one year (Amazon.com) anniversary. I can't believe the amount of traffic it has gathered in five days. Makes me feel like a total ass for having it down for so many month.

If you haven't already, go check it out and tell me whatcha think. Seriously. I want to know if it totally sucks or what, okay? If there's something specific you're hoping for, let me know and I'll work on it. Add yourself to the announcement-only mailing list and sign the guestbook or something!!!


At least I have my priorities straight!

Posted by dancevixen on 2002.06.03 at 19:41
Current Mood: broke :p
I just gave in...

I just purchased My Life's in Turnaround, Wirey Spindell, and even Gun Shy...

I already own If Lucy Fell of course (the only cheap one of them all)

I'm also searching for a cheap unrated version of Fall
You can laugh at me if you want :)

So...I haven't really heard anything about Gunshy, but it has Eric and Meatloaf in it! HAHAHA

I love Eric!
I love Amanda!


Never Again

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.04.21 at 14:44
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: "Steady Now" by Amanda Kravat (live)
For anyone interested... http://ericschaeffer.net! I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to see it (the movie, that is) in its polished form! ;-)


Would you drink my spit?

Posted by duckierose on 2002.03.22 at 03:13
I'm glad new people are posting. I just bought tick and the self titled album, both of which I am very excited about. That's my recent geeky news.

I want amanda's hair. She is beautiful.

I watched If Lucy Fell tonight for about the millionth time. God I love that movie.

Posted by ex_farfromth874 on 2002.03.22 at 00:56
Current Mood: thrilled.
Current Music: desaparecidos
do you know how happy it makes me to be a part of this community?
i am in love with Sarah Jessica Parker for one.
i simply adore all of her her work.
if lucy fell being one of my all time favorite movies.
which of course led me to Marry Me Jane.
and the rest is history.
and i was so amazed to find this f'in commuity.
and it made my night.
my name's Michael by the way.
nice to meet you all.

Posted by wonderderf on 2002.03.21 at 16:02
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Office sounds surrounding my cubicle at work.

Other folks in the world that know about Eric Schaeffer and Amanda Kravat/Marry Me Jane!

Suddenly, the world is a much better place to me.


The Dessau Demos

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.03.21 at 04:25
Current Music: "Candy" by Marry Me Jane (demo)
Point your browser to amandakravat.com. Enter the site, oogle the lovely "paper dolls" and then treat your ears with some candy. Click on the new MP3 announcement. And there, you'll find the "Dessau Demos" ...the songs (in the original form) that got the band signed to Sony/Epic back in 1995. 'Tis a treat. Enjoy while you can!!!

Me & Matty

I marry "Marry Me Jane"

Posted by syrionslave on 2002.03.07 at 09:31
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Bernadette Peters "Anything You Can Do . . . "
I just love love "Marry Me Jane" but it seems like everyone I ask about them is oblivious to their existence. Oh well, they're just missing out. Oh! By the way, I'm new here so I just wanted to say Hello to you all! I'm probably the only person you'll meet who likes Marry Me Jane, Britney Spears, Judy Garland, Fiona Apple, Whitney Houston, Tori Amos, Musical Theatre, 80's Pop, and Disco all rolled into one. And that's just the top of the list. I hope you appreciate my weirdness . . .




Posted by shaigirl on 2002.02.22 at 03:17
Fixed the site's guestbook. It's ready to go for new submissions, if I ever get the site back up. Really thought I was going to be able to pull it off last weekend, but that didn't happen. It is almost ready to be uploaded. Just one more section. (Happens to be a rather important one!)

Also, I was offered a chance to upgrade the site's hosting plan by over triple the space and twice the bandwidth for only an extra $5 a month. I'm seriously thinking about doing it. I dunno, though. We'll see. (Money has been an issue lately.)

Anybody have any requests for content? I want to make marrymejane.com a damn good fansite, you know?



Posted by duckierose on 2002.01.18 at 13:53
Marry Me Jane is an incredible band. My interest came when I first saw If Lucy Fell. It's still one of my favorite movies, and now MMJ is one of my favorite bands.

"Secretly Waiting" is my current favorite song. I also really like "i'm that bad" off of Tick. I wonder what made Aerosmith decide to play in the background for that song.

ANyone know?

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