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tattoo, creative
Posted by goddessdea on 2004.01.13 at 14:06
I adore Marry Me Jane...its funny, everyone here thinks they are the only ones who love them! I had no idea the band was so well known! I try and introduce everyone I know to the wonder of Marry Me Jane! I'm looking forward to reading.....:)

Israel = <3

Holy Moles Batman!!!

Posted by sympetrum on 2003.11.09 at 23:30
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: You Didn't Kiss Me - Marry Me Jane
I am beyond elated that I found this community. I have LOVED Marry Me Jane since I saw the movie If Lucy Fell so many years ago. I know of one other MMJ fan personally! I have seen Amanda play three times now in NYC. She is still as stupendous as ever!

So happy to be here!!!!

Posted by shaigirl on 2003.03.01 at 16:21
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: working on a massive marrymejane.com update
If you guys didn't already know, amandakravat.com has MP3s of the four-song demo tape that got Marry Me Jane signed. They've been posted for several months now, so I don't know how much longer they're be available. Since she's working on a new album, Amanda might post a new song or two. In which case, the links to the demos will probably disappear. And the songs are really cool. They sound a little bit different and have alternative/additional lyrics. So it's definitely something MMJ fans should hear! ;-)

blah blah blah

New to the community...

Posted by modernarchetype on 2003.02.22 at 20:19
Current Music: Positive- Marry Me Jane
Just stumbled on the community.....I was THRILLED to find other Marry Me Jane fans!!!

I can't wait to read everyone's MMJ posts.


wow! a marry me jane community!!

Posted by boniter on 2002.11.14 at 00:38
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Dave Matthews Band - All Along the Watchtower
i LOVE marry me jane ! they've been my 2nd favorite band since i saw "If Lucy Fell" oh so many years ago. it makes me so happy to think that everyday a new person could be experiencing the perfection that is Marry Me Jane!


Update @ marrymejane.com

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.09.22 at 13:00
Current Mood: coldcold
Website has been updated. A lot of stuff has been added/changed since I last posted here. Even have a new "downloads" page featuring some tasty treats! So if you haven't visited marrymejane.com in awhile, you should probably check it out!

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.08.26 at 22:33
Updated the website recently, in case anyone sees this and cares.


Hosting Update!

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.06.21 at 19:13
Current Mood: happyhappy
Ohhhhh... thanks to the best hosting company in the world, marrymejane.com now has an extra 5 gigs of bandwidth to play with each month! So the chances of audio and video being added are VERY good now! ;-)


Minor Update @ marrymejane.com

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.06.14 at 00:19
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Tweaked the layout just a bit. Menu is now using a drop-down box, instead of those ugly red blocks. Also added a few more pages. Profiles on all the band members are now available, as well as a past performances page and tabs. Also, fixed the problems I was having with the film files. Soundtrack information is now up for Lucy, Fall, and Never. Wirey will have to wait until the morning, as I'm missing some vital info. And links to purchase the CD/DVD/VHS to help those having trouble finding those pesky "out of print" things!

Ohh!!! Small Amanda sighting! If you go to http://www.neveragainmovie.com, you can view the trail for Never Again. And in it, you should catch a "glimpse" of Amanda. Let's just say she's used in an interesting way! Anyone know (or even care) what I'm talking about?! I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it. It's almost as good as her "sighting" in Duets! ;-)

Posted by dancevixen on 2002.06.11 at 10:16
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: Radio Alarm...
Recent Eric Schaeffer Intervew! WOO!


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