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Minor Update @ marrymejane.com

Posted by shaigirl on 2002.06.14 at 00:19
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Tweaked the layout just a bit. Menu is now using a drop-down box, instead of those ugly red blocks. Also added a few more pages. Profiles on all the band members are now available, as well as a past performances page and tabs. Also, fixed the problems I was having with the film files. Soundtrack information is now up for Lucy, Fall, and Never. Wirey will have to wait until the morning, as I'm missing some vital info. And links to purchase the CD/DVD/VHS to help those having trouble finding those pesky "out of print" things!

Ohh!!! Small Amanda sighting! If you go to http://www.neveragainmovie.com, you can view the trail for Never Again. And in it, you should catch a "glimpse" of Amanda. Let's just say she's used in an interesting way! Anyone know (or even care) what I'm talking about?! I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it. It's almost as good as her "sighting" in Duets! ;-)

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